Look no further my friends, Aunty Emily is the caregiver you and your pet have been looking for! Our services include Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Grooming, and Dog Training; most importantly we customize everything to your pets exact needs. Aunty Emily understands how special your pets are, after all our kids have paws too :) Our services are stress free for both you and your pet! We offer email and text updates so you will know first hand the fun that your loved one is having! No more driving your dog down to the kennels, or taking time to drive them to their grooming appointments. Aunty Em does everything in your home. Try our services and you will understand why we don’t have clients – We have FAMILY!

Undivided love and attention for your pets makes every service we offer extra special. Its as simple as that!


Quick Pet Care Testimonial

pet care long beach

Ralphie and Dixie

We have had to leave our two dogs and cat to go out of town twice recently and we were very lucky to be able to call Emily to pet sit for us. I know our pets are in good hands… It puts my mind at ease to know that she is here for our pets when we need to be away from home. Our dogs get so excited that I think they may actually like her more than us!

-Ian and Allison with Ralphie, Dixie, and Pheobe

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Aunty Em

pet care long beach

Hello! My name is Emily or as my friends call me “Aunty Emily.” I am an experienced veterinary technician who has been working with animals for 10 years.


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